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Who Will Review My Application?

We use state of the art technology to match your application with the best physician reviewer possible, providing you with the most accurate advice to enhance your application.

How Can I Get Started?

Use the contact form to reach out to our advisors and let us know what type of service you are looking for. We will respond within 24 hours with a reviewer that has been matched specifically for you!

How Long Will My Application Review Take?

Our reviewers will start working on your application materials within 1 business day. Documents are typically ready for your review within 1-3 business days.

How Long Are Mock Interviews?

Each mock interview session is composed of 15 minutes of questions with a current faculty physician who has extensive experience with residency admissions. After the session, you will be given verbal feedback from your faculty interviewer along with written suggestions and tips for you to practice and prepare for your next session.


What does the open-access journal publish?

How much does it cost to publish a manuscript?

We are currently considering all submissions for:

  • Case reports

  • Case series

  • Clinical trials

  • Basic science research

  • Quality improvement (QI) projects

  • Inventions/study guides/pamphlets/flyers

As an open-access journal with no subscription charges, a fee (Article Publishing Charge, APC) is payable by the author or research funder to cover the costs associated with publication. This ensures your article will be immediately and permanently free to access by everyone.

The Article Publishing Charge for this journal is USD 300, excluding taxes.

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